Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK Download for Android [LATEST Version]

The latest version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK is now available for Android users. This game is released by the same developer who has released Clash of Clans which is the most popular strategy game from Supercell. The users who have already played Clash of Clans, they must know that the game is very addictive and brilliant. In the same way, the Clash Royale is also a very interesting game which has more latest and new updated features in comparison with Clash of Clan.

Therefore, Clash Royale update APK  has come up with the same characters as of Clash of Clans but only a few characters are similar and the design of game and gameplay is totally different with Clash of Clans. Thus, Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK contains real-time dual mode for attacking a system and it works on the objective of collecting cards for unlocking the characters. It also have various areas where the users can played the dual fight and many other areas get opened up when the game will proceed further.

Thus, Clash Royale is available in only few countries and according to the information, this game is only available for iOS till now but it will also be released for the other devices very soon. Let’s have a look at the countries where this game is available for the users – Canada, Australia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and New Zealand. The developer of this game has made it clearer that this game is entirely different with the Clash of Clans and it is an entirely new gameplay.

However, Apart of the characters of Clash of Clans, there are many new characters in this game like it also has Princess, Baby Dragons, Knights, King and Queens and many other new characters. Therefore, Clash Royale developer build APK far much better and most excited with having 100 times more fun as compared to that of Clash of Clans. The first look of this game has revealed all this till now and in this new game, there is the feature of building a Clan and sharing of the cards in place of troops. Now, let’s have a look at the information of the latest version of this game.

Version Information of Clash Rolaye 1.9.2 APK

             Name of the App                  Clash Royale
             Name of the File            Clash- Royale – 1.9.2. APK



App Category

                    MD5 9bd684db1f448b88777e55a9124a6db5
Uploaded Date

12th June, 2017

Size of File

90.57 MB


The users can directly download this latest version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK from the link that we have provided above. Through this link the users can directly able to download the latest and Clash of Clans new version and the further downloading process is shared with the users below through which they will understand everything regarding the Clash Royale APK download and install. Now, let’s have a look at the features of Clash Royale which will help the user to understand more about the new things that this version contains for the users.

Features of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK Latest Version

Let’s have a look at the  Features and new Update of Clash Royale APK Latest Version which is given as follows:

  • The users can earn chests in order to unlock the rewards, they need to collect the most powerful cards that are new and even upgrade the existing ones.
  • Now, the users can able to destroy the tower of its opponent and by doing the same the users can win the crowns and through this, they can easily earn many crown chests.
  • In this version, the users can easily upgrade their own collection of the card with the family of Clash Royale APK along with many of the favorite Clash troops, defenses and spells of the users.
  • The users can easily able to construct their ultimate Battle Deck in order to defeat their opponents.
  • The users can make the progress in various areas in all the way at the top.
  • The users can form a Clan for sharing their cards and build their own community of battle.
  • The users can now easily challenge their Clanmates and their own friends to a private duel.
  • The users can also learn various different tactics of battle just by watching the best duels on TV Royale.

Thus, these are the features of the latest version of Clash Royale Android APK through which the users will understand many of the new things that they can do in the game and therefore, they get the idea of all the new features that are developed by supercell. Now, the users may get the whole picture clear in their mind of what this game is all about and how will they play the game. Thus, they get the idea of everything and they will easily make the strategy of playing the game just by reading the above features of this latest version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK. Apart from these features, there are many other new things in this game which is given below.

Download All Version of Clash of Clans Royale APK

Clash Royale 1.9.2                            2017-06-18

Clash Royale 1.9.0                            2017-06-12

Clash Royale 1.8.6                            2017-05-17

Clash Royale 1.8.1                             2017-03-15

Clash Royale 1.8.0                            2017-03-13

Clash Royale 1.7.0                            2016-12-22

Clash Royale 1.6.0                           2016-11-03

Clash Royale 1.5.0                           2016-09-23

Download Clash of Clans Royale 1.9.2 APK Latest Version

Apart from the features, there are many other things that are there in this new and latest version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK. Let’s have a look at the same as through this, the users will get to know more about this game by reading these latest things that are updated in this version of Clash Royale new update and therefore they make themselves prepared before the users start playing this game. Now, look at the following points very carefully in order to understand the game better.

  • There are 2v2 friendly Battles among the players.
  • There are 2v2 Drafts in this latest version of the game.
  • The all new 2v2 Challenge is there.
  • The users have to collect chests with their own friends in the battle of 2v2 Battle.
  • There are many new cards like Flying Machine, Mega Knight, and so many other cards.
  • The users need to unlock extra Battle slots of Deck at 8+ levels.

That’s all about the new things that are updated on Clash Royale developer build till now and the users have to stay in touch with us for getting more information regarding its Android version. The users need to look at our updates so, they will get to know more about this and they will able to keep themselves updated. Now, let’s have a look at the new challenges that are discussed below.

New Challenges of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK

There are many new challenges in this version of Clash Royale as the Supercell has brought up three new challenges to Clash Royale.  The first challenge is the Triple Elixir Challenge and in this challenge, the user will have the three times more amount of Elixir right from the beginning of the game. The Second Challenge is known as the Ramp up Challenge and in this challenge, the amount of the elixir will increase highly with the game. The third challenge is Sudden Death Challenge where the one who destroys a tower first is going to win a match. These are the three challenges that the players have to face at the time of playing the game due to which they can win all the matches very easily.

Cannon Cart

There is a new epic troop and the cannon cart is hitting everything on the sight by advancing slowly on different areas. If once it is being destroyed, the cannon cart will automatically stop its track and will continue the firing until the death. Therefore, it costs only 5 elixir points and it had a long lifespan, so, it is considered as a great life defensive weapon which saves the users living in the gameplay.

Mega Knight

The Mega Knight is a legendary card and it will hop around the arena that hits everything and it is only for seven elixir points. The jumping skills makes it blows even more dangerous. The users can make a use of this at the time of defending themselves with their opponents.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine is a rare troop which costs 4 elixir points. The flying machine is therefore, helps the user in firing from the air until the opponents will die and thus, it has a same range as the Musketeer. This is considered as one of the most important troops amongst all other troops of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK.

Skeleton Barrel

The Skeleton Barrel is attached to the balloons that will come to nothing but it flying over its arena until it dies. After that, it will release total eight skeletons that are hidden which will drop from the sky for killing the opponents. It is, therefore, a common card which costs only 3 Elixir points which are very less and the user can easily arrange them.

New Deck Slots

Here, the user will also receive the two new deck slots that will allow the users for creating up to five different decks which will later help the users in order to win the war. Therefore, these new deck slots help the users in the war and they will even win the war with the help of these new deck slots.

Therefore, this is all about the latest and the new changes that this game has in it. This is for sure that the users will definitely love this game as it comes up with many new features and latest things which makes it even more interesting and the users will get many resources and troops which makes their interest in this until the end of each level. Therefore, the users can Clash Royale APK Android download this easily through the link that we have already shared with them.

However, one thing is for sure that the users will go to love this latest version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK and they will definitely enjoy each and everything that we have shared with them. All the features and everything is new in the game and the users who have already played COC Clash of Clans will going to love this game as this is more updated and come up w more latest and new features as the Supercell has prepared many latest things and developed on it.

Thus, this is all about the Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK latest version. We have provided each and every relevant information that is required by the users about this new version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK and if the users still have any queries or any questions regarding the same then, they can ask about it through their comments, they can comment on the comment box which is below this article and they will definitely get the answer or solution of their queries within 2 working days or as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article. Hope you like it.